About BIS

Established in June 1973

Based in Wales, BIS works with clients across the whole of the UK and Ireland. We’re passionate about providing quality service and savings for our clients, many of whom have worked with us for many years.

BIS was established in June 1973 by father and son team Ray and Mike Harris as an innovative Industrial Supplies Company specialising in rapid supply of industry critical stock, we’ve come a long way since then. Today, Mike is still very much involved in the business and has been joined by Neal Moody and Stuart Dean as joint Directors.

BIS is a cost reduction company. We still provide Industrial Supplies and Consumable Products, but we also focus on saving our clients money through simplifying the purchasing process and reducing both product and process costs.

We do the same thing with energy – we call this process Energy-Fit. Energy-Fit concentrates on understanding client’s energy usage, providing energy saving products and services to help reduce the amount of wasted energy across their business.

If you want to find out more about us, please give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.