Focused on Saving Your Money

BIS are focused on saving our customers money and this is never more apparent than when it comes to energy. We drive to provide a solution that will not only meet their current needs but one that will exceed them and most importantly save you money.

We can install the latest in lighting technologies, heating and biomass systems to streamline your energy supply chain to save your business money.

We have worked hard to find the right partners to be able to provide the best suppliers on the market and prices to match to provide our customers the best solutions available.

Through our process of Energy-Fit we assess your current usage and how much it is costing your business. We help you understand how your business can save for the long term by using less. We provide you with a fully customised solution to meet your requirements, ensuring the solutions we implement are compliant with latest regulations and up to date with emerging technologies.

If you would like to arrange for a free quote on how much money we can save you please call BIS on 01495 712200.