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    Nationwide service

    BIS provides goods and services to clients located across the length and breadth of the UK. So there’s no hiding place from our exceptional service.

    Distance really is no object as we provide live status updates of order progression, stockholding and delivery. We measure our performance against OTIF (On-Time-In-Full) and our performance data is available through online dashboards. In this way our customers always know where their goods are and when they will arrive.

    So, although we literally may be miles away, through our use of technology, we virtually feel like we are just next door.


    Not everything in life is easy to source, and occasionally you may come across a weird and wonderful item that is vitally essential to your business, but no one else seems to care.  We do!  We have several lifetimes experience of locating and supplying non-core items. Many that are business critical.

    However, we also specialise in providing common everyday parts and consumables which we categorise into “runners, repeaters and strangers”: and the occasional “alien”.  We construct a supply chain that suits your profile to make sure we deliver whatever you want, whenever you want it. On time and in full.


    • Hand Tools, Power Tools & Tool Accessories
    • PPE, Workwear & Sanitisers
    • Cleaning & Janitorial Products
    • Consumable Products:  Tapes, sealants, adhesives, fixings & abrasives
    • Parts & Materials:  Hardware, plumbing, transmission, electrical & packaging

    Fulfilment services

    BIS boasts a full “end-to end” fulfilment service offer comprising of:

    • Pick and Pack Service
    • Despatch and Distribution
    • Returns Management
    • Inventory Management

    What differentiates BIS from traditional fulfilment services, is that we provide an “end-to-end” purchase to supply solution. This includes access to our volume purchasing position and distributor status to provide an attractive commercial package.


    BIS have been supplying critical parts and consumables to multiple sites within BAE Systems for over 30-years. The challenge is to persuade a rigid global supply base to support flexible manufacturing consumption of over1,200 Defence standard (Def-std) specified items.  Many with significant off-shore lead-times. Shelf-life management is essential to negate waste, whilst obsolescence management  is fundamental to ensuring business continuity.

    BIS has aligned its internal system to complement BAE’s complex scheduling process; to generate performance, non-conformance and transactional data.  An established continuous improvement program drives cost and efficiency benefits.

    Arcus Ad-Hoc Sourcing

    You may not know this, but supermarkets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are new; and some hark back to the days when Adam was a lad.  It is Arcus’s job to make sure that whatever the store they all look pristine and are kept in tip-top working order. To do this Arcus require replacement parts; and there are thousands of them!

    Arcus challenged BIS to source and supply these parts directly to their field based service engineers. Orders are received via a bespoke phone app which captures vital information about the required part. The status of the sourcing process is communicated to the engineers via the app, meanwhile a series of dashboards and trackers manage workflow prioritisation against agreed SLA’s. Simple…(not)


    The automotive industry an extremely challenging environment where time and waste are the enemy of profit. BIS provide an automated dispensing service to Northern Automotive Systems who provide metal trims to the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Audi, BMW, Volvo, et al.

    This service provides many benefits, among them are: Full time-stamped traceability of stock consumption, reportable by operative. Restricted access to specified parts. Secure stock issue (no storeman required). Comprehensive usage reporting which serves to manage inventory optimisation and budgeting.

    Among other things, automated dispensing is particularly suited to PPE allocation.

    Euroclad Just Great Service

    Many of our customers, such as Euroclad, just want to be left alone to buy what they want, when they want it.

    They don’t need complicated processes. No bells and whistles. No twiddly bits. They just appreciate our great customer service and extensive product knowledge.

    We at BIS salute the simple approach.

    Arcus Bespoke Phone App

    BIS has worked with Arcus to develop a bespoke phone based application to distribute replenishment parts and consumables to a nationwide team of field based service engineers.

    Hundreds of fast moving items are held in stock, ready for same day despatch, to meet next day delivery requirements. Thousands of additional non-stock items are readily available for order via the phone app. BIS provides automated order status information, by product line, via a series of dashboards, trackers and in-app reporting.


    A busy steelworks consumes a lot of parts and a lot of consumables, which need to be available right around the clock. The only way to ensure that critical parts are always available is by installing consignment stock on site. Reorder levels linked to stocking agreements allow for seamless restocking and management of stock.

    BIS’s analysis of stock movements ensures that the correct profile and depth of stock is maintained in accordance with a dynamic commercial agreement.  Consolidated monthly invoicing  completes the lean, frictionless supply model.

    Case Studies

    The way that we do it!

    What we do is not complicated. We simply buy, and we sell. It’s the way that we do it that makes us stand out from the crowd. We first and foremost focus on service;  then we tailor our service to provide maximum added value.

    If you simply want to buy goods at a fair price from people who care… We do that!

    However, if you require product consolidation, consignment stock, critical stockholding, COSHH control management or field operative e-ordering from a bespoke phone app… We do that too!

    << Here are some examples.