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    Major works

    They say that size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to retail distribution centres, size is the only thing that matters. When things go wrong here, they go wrong on a major scale. In this world we talk in terms of football pitches, not feet and inches. BIS specialise in big jobs, especially in FMCG distribution. We have experience in:

    Warehouse floor installations

    • Yard-works
    • Building cladding install
    • Building fabric maintenance
    • If you’ve got any big jobs we’d love to help out.

    Pre-planned maintenance

    There’s an old adage that says “Perfect planning prevents pretty poor performance”; or something like that. BIS takes PPM to the next level by combining complimentary disciplines into one overarching process. Our tiered dependency software provides a complete overview of maintenance and dilapidation exposure. Our service comprises:

    • Man-safe Safety Line Installation & Inspection
    • Roof / Gutter Inspection & Cleaning
    • Siphonic Drain Inspection & Maintenance
    • Interceptor Maintenance & Servicing
    • Site Drainage Maintenance & Servicing
    • Line marking

    Industrial cleaning

    It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it; and that someone is BIS. We love a challenge and if you have a big mess we’d love to help you keep tidy. Our cleaning experience ranges from sterile manufacturing spaces to steel-works environments. Our services include:

    • Deep Cleans
    • Contract Cleaning
    • Sterile Environment Cleaning
    • Disinfectant Fogging

    In addition to industrial cleaning we also provide site security services.

    Capital project work

    Whoever said that “Variety is the spice of life” could easily have been referring to our client’s project requirements. Fortunately, BIS’s experience and capabilities are more than a match for the wide variety of challenges that our clients throw at us. Below is a soupçon of what we do:

    • Energy Efficient Lighting
    • Racking & Storage Solutions
    • Office Installations & Mezzanine Floors
    • Building & Washroom Refurbishments & Installation


    BIS carried out the refurbishment of the existing washroom facilities for the high street retailer, Argos.  The job included stripping existing fixtures before installing replacement toilets, cubicles and washbasins. Add lighting, tiles and a splash of grout and hey presto, job done!

    No fuss. No drama. No leaks. Just as we like it!


    New lamps for old, improved lighting quality and a tidy profit to boot… sounds like a fairy tale, but in this case it’s true!

    Following a survey, BIS produced a photometric lighting specification that modelled the benefits of replacing perfectly serviceable existing lights with brand new LED units. The full scope of the project covered production areas, warehouse, offices, emergency and external lighting.

    Following the installation the lux levels went up, whilst energy costs came down… By a whopping 68.9%, providing significant cost savings for many years to come.

    Sainsbury’s Floor Repair

    Sainsbury’s distribution centres never sleep, and the pace that produce flows through the enormous warehouse is critical in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods arena.

    The challenge was to repair the entire warehouse floor without disrupting everyday activity or contaminating food products. The scope of the project included cutting away the top surface of the floor and installing a new screed.

    Floor repairs don’t come much bigger than this, and with a warranty of fifteen-years the new surface will comfortably support the passage of millions of tons of traffic every year.

    Celsa Industrial Cleaning

    BIS provides janitorial cleaning and production/technical cleaning in addition to facility repairs, in what must be one of the most challenging of working environments… Celsa Steelworks.

    The extensive complex situated in Cardiff Bay comprises of 3 sites: the Melt-Shop, the Rolling Mill and the Rod & Bar Mill.

    It takes a large team using several vehicles to cover the massive site; comprising of over 70 offices and 15 toilet blocks. This in addition to production and storage areas.

    So, the next time you get the duster out, spare a thought for the BIS team at Celsa.

    Sainsbury’s Gutter Linings

    The image on the left may not be the most inspiring picture you’ve ever seen but, if it’s your stock that’s sitting 18m below, a clean, relined gutter is a thing of beauty.

    The total length of the gutters needing repair totalled 1.75 kilometres, or just over a mile in old money. To prevent water ingress, BIS installed a Plygene  gutter liner and new symphonic syphonic drainage; all covered by a 25-year guarantee.

    So, if your roof needs a little TLC; or even a lot… We’ve got it covered!

    Case Studies

    The way that we do it!

    The way that we do it!

    What we do is not complicated. We simply buy, and we sell. It’s the way that we do it that makes us stand out from the crowd. We first and foremost focus on service; then we tailor our service to provide maximum added value.

    If you simply want to buy goods at a fair price from people who care… We do that!

    However, if you require product consolidation, consignment stock, critical stockholding, COSHH control management or field operative e-ordering from a bespoke phone app… We do that too!

    << Here are some examples.